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    One basic thing to consider with the 5D2 as well is that it's better to shoot a bit higher ISO and have the proper exposure than to shoot at a lower ISO and then compensate in post. People often think that higher ISOs are a bad idea. You actually end up with a cleaner ISO 400 image that is properly exposed than shooting at ISO 100 and having it underexposed. ISO 100 can be really noisy actually if you have to compensate upwards in post. Especially in the shadow areas.


      Originally posted by Chris Santucci View Post
      I'd rather take the advice of pros using the 5D who are getting great results because it saves me time having to do tests on my own and I'm OK with great results.
      Definitely! I would never have the gall to question guys like Shane and Gale. I wouldn't question Jeff Gordon either if he told me to use a particular type of oil. These guys know their stuff, end of debate. (even though I haven't heard of any debates...I thought this stuff was common knowledge.)

      I haven't heard of aiming for higher exposure than what the light meter is telling you...I'll have to try that out!
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        ... have the proper exposure...

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