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    Picture profile / settings for project

    Hey all!

    I've been working for a couple of years on an art project that I started to film with the flat settings, as advised by Philip Bloom among others, on my 7D. I did this cause I thought it would leave me with the most freedom to decide where to go with the pictures in post and the best possibilities to get out the most of the material. This was especially attractive to me since I have almost no knowledge about picture styles, grading, etc but just wanted to shoot pictures and then maybe work on them with someone who know more.
    But since I started investigating other problems with my shooting I've run into many discussions about settings and a lot of people say flat settings will be very complicated to work with and will create problems in post etc and that one should use settings close to what you want the final thing to look like.
    The problem is partly that I don't know yet what I want it to look like in the end, aesthetic preferences change a bit with time, right? But mainly my problem is that since it's a long time project and I have a lot of material shot with flat settings I dot know if I can switch settings now sine I need to be able to use all material together.

    Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated!



    My vote would keep shooting with the same style you're using for consistency's sake. I think you'll have more problems if you switch now than if you keep doing what you're doing. The Philip Bloom flat style fortunately isn't too flat compared to some of the third party styles that are out there. I personally use the offerings from VisionColor now, but shot a feature with Bloom's settings a few years ago.

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