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Canon R10, R8, R7 HDMI out, internal record, and LCD on

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    Originally posted by Teddy_Dem View Post
    Sony FX30? Costs $1798 each and seems to cover all your requirements. Full-size HDMI, 4K 10 bit 4:2:2 output up to 60 fps in any profile, can use EF lenses with an adapter, and from my quick Google search, does not seem to have an internal recording limit. But please confirm about not having the internal recording limit, as I did a quick cursory search.
    yes, I was going to say that I think Sony mirrorless cameras can do it. A7iv could be another option if you want full-frame

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      GH4 or GH5 would be difficult to get wide angle with my Super35 lenses. Panasonic S5 I had looked at but it had a 30 minute record limit in 10 bit. Panasonic S5II I hadn't looked at as it was a bit more pricey, but I'd lean away from full frame because some of my lenses are Super35 and I don't necessarily want shallower depth of field during a live edit.

      Sony FX30 I hadn't looked at before and after looking at it I think it's actually the ticket. Compared to the Fujifilm, it has tally lights, wireless camera control (not sure if Fuji has this), full size HDMI, considered more professional due to being a Sony FX camera, and fits in the FX lineup if I get a Sony FX3, FX6, or FX9. Also, the Fuji has a $200 fan add-on which makes me concerned it may need that to record for long periods, which would bring the price closer to the FX30, along with potential fan noise on set (not sure how loud those are), and I haven't heard of the FX30 having overheating issues. FX30 will put me a bit over budget, but manageable.
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