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    Further more, I have a short script that I am trying to get produced.

    In his last days, a dying man attempts to find the perfect home for his cat.

    This short film follows a man, Harold, who just receives news that he is dying of terminal brain cancer. As a reclusive individual, with few friends and family, he chooses to spend his remaining time attempting to find the perfect home for his cat.
    Through a post on the internet, he interviews a number of candidates that range in personality and sanity, all of which seem to end with Harold viewing them as unfit candidates. At the end of the night a last minute applicant arrives, a twenty-something woman name Katie.
    Immediately Harold sees her as the future owner of his cat, all the while the two seem to become closer and more intamate. After a several psuedo-romantic evenings the three have bonded. Harold, feeling touched by this last minute interaction, feels more comfortable with his fate as a dying man.
    The film ends with Katie coming over for another “date” and to give Harold a surprise. Sadly, she finds him in his home dead on the floor. The last shot is the reveal of Katie’s surprise which was a kitten that she planned on naming “Harold” in memory of him.

    2009 Austin Hartman.

    If you have any interest, e-mail me and we can discuss the details. My e-mail address is listed below.

    my movies are here


      Looking for a Romantic,Drama,Urban,Comedy

      Do you have a feature (~100 pages) script available?

      I'm looking for a feature script to shoot soon and if i like yours, We'd like
      to start a low-budget indie production next month.

      What kind of terms are you looking for?


      Ready - Aim - Shoot .......


        I was on wary of an offer from Janet LOFTIS or a Mr. Goldshlager. They are total no ones who act like they're dropping your scripts off at every house in Hollywood, They are nothing but a small prodco that don't produce anything. Your script will be lost for six months before you get it back



          The Department of Memories

          Got another short screenplay (22 pages) that I am looking to sell.

          Log Line:
          After a man, Brian, is in a amnesia causing bike accident, the white collar workers that dwell in his brain must work extra hard to recover the lost memories in order to restore balance to the brain and The Department of Memories!

          "Office Space" meets "Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind".

          A twenty something man named Brian loses his memory after a bike crash. While he is readjusting and recovering after the accident, the white collar employees that run Brian CO. and dwell in his brain, must use all of the skills and resources to recover the lost memories. Can the busy workers of BRIAN CO. restore balance to the brain and The Department of Memories?

          2009, Austin Hartman.


          my movies are here


            I have a 13 page short film script, gangster themes, PM for pdf file.


              anyone have a limited location drama short? between 15-30 pages with characters in their mid 20's - early 30's? No fx, stunts, or alien probage please.


                I have a Christmas theme screenplay, A Visit from Aunite Thresa Clause, based on my original unpublished short story. If someone wishes to see the script contact me at The script is registered and copyrighted.


                  I've always have a ton of short scripts available. Just let me know what you are looking for. I'm usually open for custom work as well.

                  Chris Keaton - Writer | Website | Email | imdb |
                  Samurai ScriptFest: A Dream of Electric Revolution (1st Place)
                  Suspense ScriptFest: A Clockwork Darkened(2nd Place)
                  Trapped ScriptFest: Trapped (3rd Place)


                    i would love a short script to follow the lines of a gritty Chuck Palahniuk story, specifically his book Invisible Monsters! not an adaption but a stylized of that story and book of a whole new script! mmhhmm



                      I have quite a few screenplays available and would also be interested in collaborating.


                      You can contact me at

                      ~ Marnie ~
                      Marnie . . .



                        Hello all

                        Im currently in need of a short film screenplay for a project (around 3 mins). Anyone interested send me your email and we can go from there.


                        Jack Holloway


                          Hey, I'm Case Blackwell.
                          I just started a new blog where I'll be posting new shorts (mostly comedy, so far only comedy) daily (Mon-Fri). Here's the site:

                , new scripts daily!

                          If anyone is interested in any of my content, please contact me at
                , original scripts daily!




                              I am very keen to have a read .'


                                I have a very good short film with easy to shoot locations, 3 girls, 2 men.
                                I can grant you the right to shoot (non-exclusive)
                                for $500

                                It is a 13 page script.
                                I retain rights, and get writing credits, you get right to shoot and distribute your version.
                                Two wrongs don't make a right, but three rights do make a left...