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    Production Logo Intro

    I need a new film production logo intro clip to put in front of my films and I am looking to see if anyone would not mind creating one for me.
    I would add your name to every video I use it for in the credits as Production Logo Artist
    The Production Name is "Area One"
    and I am looking for something along the lines of having Area One in steel with brackets and then having a Alien silhouette appear behind it but very faint.
    If anyone can create this I would really appreciate it!
    Justin Mykal Mora
    Area One Productions

    It sounds like you need a logo and an visual effect title/loge intro for your films. Those are two separate products. This could amount to a substantial amount of work. I think you would get more of a response if you would have given more info about your films and projects. Offering some form of financial compensation would also attract some attention. Also if you had a website would be helpful. I can see that this post is old and has no responses. Curious as to the outcome and if you have made the films.