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Pairing a DR60D & Atomos Ninja Blade

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    Pairing a DR60D & Atomos Ninja Blade

    Fully conceding that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, and I may know just enough to be dangerous, I'm trying to get the best quality audio out of the gear I have which is primarily being used for corporate talking head-type content.

    I'm curious to get the group's take on the best configuration, or sequence of connection, of the following gear that I own and use for these interviews;

    Nikon D600 (and a D7000 as a cutaway camera that has a Sennheiser MKE400 on it for a reference track)
    Tascam DR60D
    Atomos Ninja Blade
    RODE NTG2 & Audio Technica 1800-series dual channel wireless lavs

    Knowing that when I'm recording to the Atomos, I'm not recording anything at all to the camera, would my reference (sync) track audio be best set up;

    1 - running audio from the Tascam Line Out to the Atomos Line In and bypass the camera
    2 - running audio from the Tascam to the camera via 3.5mm Camera Out to 3.5mm Mic In, then to the Atomos via HDMI
    3 - running audio from the Tascam to the camera via 3.3mm Camera Out then back to the 3.5mm Atomos Line In from the camera's line-level headphone jack

    I ran a couple of tests and found that even with the Tascam Line Out level pegged (running the NTG2 into CH1 and one wireless lav into Channel 2), the audio level in the Atomos was substantially lower that routing audio through the camera (mic level in-camera is set at 4/10) which didn't make a lot of sense to me.

    Or, does it ultimately not even matter which is the cleanest if I'm recording into the Tascam anyway? In the end, I want to both cover my bases in the event of some kind of disastrous glitch and get the best sound I can out of the tools I have to work with.