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How can I get cast and crew to try something odd, unorthodox, and unique on my film?

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    How can I get cast and crew to try something odd, unorthodox, and unique on my film?

    There are lots of examples when those sorts of things happen. A lot of my methods of a filmmaker are impractical and not fitting in the cash-money sort of sense and can come off as sketchy, but they do work and I have done it repeatedly on my own. I do a lot of things that are experimental as a filmmaker. My issue though is that when dealing with people their idea of a film is the Hollywood system of doing things or from the people who have strong leadership qualities for filmmaking.

    It's like had I fixed a sink with epoxy ramen noodles and it works (from a youtube video): Chinese man uses ramen instant noodles to ‘repair’ broken things - YouTube

    My concern is how can I convince people to accept how I make films like how someone would fix a sink with ramen noodles?

    Why be different just for the sake of being different if the net result is the same? In other words, why use ramen noodles if regular epoxy would have worked just as well, if not better in the long run?

    Here's an idea: Instead of calling your work a film, tell them you are a visual artist and whatever you're doing is "art". If you never call it a film, they may never associate it with film. You are making experimental art and you need help with your experimental art project.
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      Your question indicates you have tried to get people involved and they have said 'No'. If you tried to get people involved and if they said no, then evaluate what you are doing and why they are saying no. Adjust accordingly. You probably already know the answer to your question. But let's discuss it.

      It depends on what you mean by "how I make films". There are plenty of hobby crew and actors that will work on experimental stuff. But ..... people want to be involved in something 'worthwhile', whatever that means to them. So if you are doing something that is of no value to them (for their reel, for learning, for enjoyment, to be part of a film, whatever....), then they aren't going to participate. Or if you are a difficult personality that no one wants to be around, that's another problem. We can't evaluate your situation. Basically, if what you are presenting to potential crew and actors comes off as a pile of dung, then you can't expect anyone to get involved. But we don't know what that might be. You have to bring something to the table for the others. 'My way or the highway' won't work.

      Evaluate yourself, your approach to crew and actors, and your methods. If no one is coming to you, then you need to adjust to them or work alone.
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        He's linked to his work on here before and I think he was born about 20 years too late.

        His style is very 'Andy Milonakis' type humor with low-quality video production (for the times, no offense), and it's something that actually probably would have done decently well in the late 90s/early 2000s when everyone else was doing similar stuff.

        But the world is so different now and the people are so much smarter as far as filmmaking that I imagine the only ones interested would be the small percentage of like-minded individuals who want to spend time doing that (which could be fun if they are enjoying themselves, learning).

        But others see the type of stuff that's on TikTok and IG.


          You are a leader.

          Tell the people you hire your filmmaking model.

          Make sure they understand the filmmaking model you intend to follow. Make them buy in when they sign onto the job so they understand what they are getting into.

          Even if they are not paid, they should hear from you how you operate.

          Then it is not a surprise. Give them agency. Make it their choice to be involved in this model.


            Im gonna make general comment. Ive been pulled into making a film.

            Its with some folk who have done music promo at the highest level. Some real talents.

            A recent music promo they made had a famous satirical cartoonist stop motion. Its a nice and popular thing.

            But im not convinced they want to make a film.. which is what they have told me they want to do.

            What is a film?.. of course no one knows, but my idea of a film is .. 35mm sensor, t4, no line crosses, sensible continuity, whatever

            Do they want to make a film or a 'piece of art' that may be in cinemas and solf for money. ?? Im not sure and they are not clear.

            A piece of art does not have continuity, held focus, no line crosses. .art has anything. It may be iphone or DV or pencil or 10.8 plate camera.

            The journey is between me and the producers for them to explain what they are making.. an for me to ask the correct questions and gain an understanding.

            You are producer.. so understand you must explain your vision.

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