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A new film I'm working on. Just throwing it up.

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    A new film I'm working on. Just throwing it up.
    shot with the BMPC4K.
    Thanks for taking a look.

    Just because of my profession, I tend to look at the non-narrative aspects of the film, and more at the subconscious visual effects.

    I was liking how the water drops worked. Talking directly to camera, means that we don't have to worry about the drops, because it is just part of the whole 4th wall break. The droplets enhance the passive nature of the camera, making the wall break even better.

    Additionally, the Droplets work to create visual interest, as they continually change. Almost like a Kurosawa, or creating as much visual spontaneity as gate weave and film grain scratches dust etc does on film. However, it is pretty rare that water drops make sense to be on the lens or whatever. In this case it worked really well, I feel.


      Kevin, you've been talking to BM cameras for about 8 years now...

      From bloody rants in bathtubs to random trips to Ireland (or was it Scotland?)...incredible passion you have.


        Good to hear it worked for ya james
        It wasn’t necessarily the best take acting wise - but I did think this one take where I let the rain fall worked best. Yeah that mug Kurosawa stole all my best ideas. Dear lord I heard today they’re remaking ikiru.
        Nobro - yeah when yer making Indy films on yer beer can returns ya find black magic was a good friend to the little guy.
        “Passion?” Da wife and shrink have another word for it. But I thank ya.


          I don't know much about anything, but I really thought it worked. The writing worked for me and while you may know you have a better take in you, it felt real - it made me think and it made me chuckle. I want to see more...

          Thanks for posting!!



            Glad ya liked it say doyster. I will be shooting more stuff in coming weeks - I will posts some others little things perhaps.


              Hey Nobro - I see I missed yer post.
              Yeah - love me some black magic cameras.
              "Passion?" My wife can think of another word - But thanks.