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Sag more or less powerful a year from now?

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    Sag more or less powerful a year from now?

    With all the monumental changes going on , where is sag a year from now. I wonít predict anything other than Iím sure Iíll be surprised at the industry in a year. Sag is the only game in town and I donít see that changing . You want a Star you need to work a deal with sag regardless of where you shoot. I could see regional sag office budgets slashed, enforcement getting lax. Maybe regional sag offices being more filmmaker friendly for than other regions. Local hire rules ignored ( forcing out of state actor to give an instate address to get the gig.) Maybe new contracts to reflect the market changes. New media or whatever theyíre calling it has always been the ugly stepchild contract. With a wink and nod filmmakers would try and shoehorn in another type of production because it was more flexible . Sag always seems about a decade behind with their contracts. I could see some kind of modification at the start of year to incentivize production.

    This would be so awesome if they loosened up their ways a bit. I used to like them when they had the limited exhibition agreements but since then it’s all crap and unreasonable. I would love to see an impact from covid that smartens them up.
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