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    Originally posted by chapelgrovefilms View Post
    Say you write a script. Somebody comes along who has never made a film before and is looking for something really great so he can 'make a name for himself' in the business. He decides he likes your script, so he makes a film from it -- without your permission and without paying you a cent for your script. And since word is out that the film is being made, you have a much harder time selling your script to anyone else -- thus taking money out of your pocket.

    Are you okay with that?

    I'm pretty ambivalent about certain things. One of them is the Big Business called The Studios or The Music Industry.

    In your example, if I had the choice between seeing my work paid for, developed into a film, and seen on the big screens, and the film so successful that the film actually made money by anyone's accounting... sure you do have a point.

    However, in the case of The Industry vs. a complete unknown, as long as My Name Here was given for the screen play, I may even go along with program, given that even if a script is sold to a studio it can languish in Development until everyone who ever knew of the script is long dead.

    So, if having some indie filmmaker make a film while the studios pick fur out of their butt in Development, perhaps that would lead to quicker development, rather than languish.

    The second grounds for my ambivalence, is that The Industry often does not 'see' a potential until it kicks them in the ass. Some Bean Counter does an Excel spreadsheet, and it shows that for a given market there is no realistic ROI on doing project X, whether X is my script, (given that my script ever got to the top of the heap to be even bought and put into development), or X is some group's music.

    The third grounds is for films already taken to some form of distributable format, but again because company X's Bean Counters don't see a market, the film is no longer available.

    The fourth ground is that once a particular work is finished and in distribution, except for certain cases most of the residuals do not go to the original makers or creative people, but to Bean Counters, who in general, as the WGA strike should have no interest except when hit over the head, in 'distributing the wealth' to the original talent, and try as best they can to reduce any initial pay for work, and only grudgingly give out money when they can't seem to find any way around that obsticle.

    In the case of the Music Industry the Industry has had a long history of screwing talent out of any profits their music may have, or any residuals for the long life that music may have in the market. Of course there are contracts with the artists, and for a few bucks, maybe a few years of enough bucks for a high life... many musicians are tossed as soon as possible rather than the Industry pouring more money in.

    So, if someone takes some particular musicians or groups works, puts them to some video, I pretty much say more power to them, and especially if such works rise above the noise and give a wider audience than the musician or group otherwise would have had, given the lack of interest on the part of The Industry to do so.

    The only way that a Studio or Music Company can really "apologize" for not doing right by the talent is to send out an army of Pennsylvania Lawyers to send out C&D letters or even initiate law suits. That seems cheaper than actually promoting the talent directly.

    Of course in case that the resulting movie from the script or music is schlock... heck then send out the attorney army to detach your name from the infringement...
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