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    Rokinon Cine Bundle

    I just purchased the Rokinon Cine DS Lens Bundle (24mm, 35mm, 50mm and 85mm T1.5). Here’s my review:

    Rokinon 24mm, 35mm, 50mm & 85mm T1.5 Cine DS Lens Bundle Review & Test Footage

    Curious of those that own them feel the same way as I do?
    What do you mean funny? Like a clown? Do I amuse you?! Huh??!!

    The reason I sold my Rokinon Cine lens (I only had one) is that they are useless wide open. Why buy primes if you can only open up to T2.8. The CA is really really bad in a lot of situations. Not in situations like the shot of your cat, of course, but with any high contrast back lit shot, they are beyond bad. Totally unusable until you stop down quite a bit. I found T2.8 to still be problematic at times too, so then you are between T2.8 and T4 to clean them up.

    I think these days you are better off with Meike or something along those lines.

    On the other hand, the overall look, sharpness, and color rendering is pleasing on the Rokinons when the conditions are right. Kind of a budget Canon CN-e lens in terms of color rendition.

    Thanks for the review.


      Honestly my Rokinon 35mm is one of my favorite lenses. I have the 85mm as well, and I think the CA is worse, but it's still a fine lens (especially for the price).


        Originally posted by drboffa View Post
        Honestly my Rokinon 35mm is one of my favorite lenses. I have the 85mm as well, and I think the CA is worse, but it's still a fine lens (especially for the price).
        Interesting. It was the 85mm that I owned and then sold because the CA was just out of control. If the others are significantly better, then I can see how the set would be desirable. I just found too many situations during client oriented shoots, where the CA was totally unacceptable. For indoor controlled interviews, it was a great CU 2nd cam lens for a few shoots.


          Abundant CA was normal for a lot of lenses in that era of glass building (10 years ago)...lenses 2x-3x the price of the Rokinons and Samyangs were also loaded (not every model).

          Like cameras, the bar for budget lenses is higher than ever and they have greatly improved over the last 2-3-4 years (in all areas).


            With the in-camera CA correction on the sony a7siii, I can finally use Samyangs wide-open. They're still relatively soft at f/1.4 (in fact, it may be advantageous for portraits). It was really the CA that drove me to tighter apertures.

            Of course, my sony mount samyangs are not cine lenses. They're electric-everything AF lenses... But the Samyang look is still there in terms of color and rendering. (I have the Rokinon Cine DS in EF mount.)

            Interestingly, Dustin Abbott (the reviewer) had this theory about the trade-offs between the rendering quality of a lens and its chromatic aberrations:

            I have long noted that often lenses without perfect correction of chromatic aberration have more character in their rendering than those that do. There’s a fine line between too much aberration, which becomes distracting and sometimes ugly, and no aberration, which can leave images looking somewhat flat and clinical. I personally think that Samyang has found the right balance here, as there isn’t enough CA to damage images and/or contrast, but just enough that the bokeh is softer and rendering is more appealing.

            I certainly find that to be true with Sigma lenses. Incredible detail and contrast across the frame. But a bit of a plain look, all in all.

            And nice review, filmaddict!

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