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Sigma 14-24 f2.8 "flicker" issue

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    Sigma 14-24 f2.8 "flicker" issue

    This is more curiosity on my part - trying to gain some knowledge. Just purchased the Sigma Art 14-28 lens in E mount. I know it's a still lens, not a cinema lens. But I've never had any other still lens do this, when using for video.

    When shooting video with it and zooming "in" - manually adjusting the zoom ring - there's very odd strobing or flickering that happens. Doesn't happen when zooming out - or at least it doesn't do it continuously and as often on the zoom out. Happens on both small mirrorless cameras as well as when on the Sony FS7. I can see it on waveform and doesn't matter what shutter rate camera is set to...

    Iíve uploaded 3 shots to show it happening (less than 1 min long).
    Password: 1424

    Just a bad zoom ring on this lens? Or if I return this copy and get another one - will I find the same thing? Has anyone had other lens' that do this?

    Thanks in advance.


    I'd say that's not normal.

    Initially I thought you might be talking about minor ramping (which happens sometimes even with a constant aperture), but the above isn't it.


      Yes, I've seen ramping and/or breathing as well as a difference in advertised f stop - but never anything like this.


        Maybe check the cameras if there is some kind of correction happening and/or if there is a FW update for the lens.

        Spitballing...but if it happens on 3 cameras, it's most likely a bad copy.