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Reverse Lens Vignetting of Still Glass

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    Reverse Lens Vignetting of Still Glass

    So I recently read Ryan's "Why We Need Cinema Lenses" and it was phenomenal. For my purposes, I am unable to spend the thousands of dollars on cinema lenses like most of us (at least not yet ;)). So, there are some obvious ways to make still glass more like cine glass by way of duclos modifications but I was thinking about the vignette of still lenses. If one where to capture the vignette characteristic of each stop of aperture for a particular lens, could you then make a template for each f/stop to reverse the effects in your film?

    It's kind of like modifying the white balance of your shot to return it to a neutral point to begin color grading. I would imagine you could create a vignette in PP or AE or whatever you use, and step up the brightness around the corners to reverse the lens vignette. Of course this adds to the production time but for a hobbyist like me, time is of no importance. Would this help or just look artificial?

    Anyone ever try this?

    Most still software has lens correction - many cam even do it 'in camera' with own brand lenses. So yes it is entirely possible for both vignette and even barrel pincushion and moustache distortion View my feature Film