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Modifying SLR lenses for Matte Box and Follow Focus Use

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    Modifying SLR lenses for Matte Box and Follow Focus Use

    So I'm in the process of modding my lenses to make it easier to use my follow focus and eventually a matte box. I plan on stepping up the lenses so they all have a common front thread size for filters and a matte box. My question is should I throw UV filters between the lens and step rings? Will that cause issues stacking more filters like that? Say I'm going... [Lens --> 52mm UV --> 52/77 Step Up --> Matte Box w/ 4x Filters]

    I try to be pretty careful with my lenses, but basically just thinking of a little added protection.

    most DPs that I have worked with (as an AC) dislike using protective UV filters unless the situation warrants it, then they just throw in a clear filter into the mattebox. The less glass in front of the lens the less the image is manipulated.

    Now, that being said, there are also quite a few people who strongly believe that you should always have protective glass on your lenses.

    It all depends if protecting your lenses is worth the possibility of slightly degrading the image.
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