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What's the best place to search for commercial work without knowing what it was?

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    What's the best place to search for commercial work without knowing what it was?

    Sounds stupid, I know, but hang tight. I've had several projects where I have a memory of a cool ad or photo and wanted it to influence or use it as inspiration - but ... well I didn't know where the hell it came from.

    I bet someone will be able to guess, but with my searches the internet is so flooded now that it's very hard to search for something PARTICULAR to film I'm finding now.

    I'll give 2 examples.

    1. I remember a knight Rider inspired ad from I think 2003-2010 (vague I know) It was heavy with black and red including glowing red lights - action, male protagonist - probably a cologne ad suitable for a movie theatre. It was an awesome look, retro but also futuristic. I'd call it retro-futuristic-nostalgic ... it had an edge to it. what was it? no effing clue, I'd love to be able to search for it though. I think there was a long narrow bridge in it as well.

    2. "Silver Satin" probably a calvin klein ad - date range best guess is 2007-2012 .. this one should be easier, same thing though, very cinematic, very stylized it was so heavily in the silvery tones that it was probably close to being black and white (but it wasn't) and the skin tones were unique. It was a man going after a woman, there were outdoor stairs, unique architecture

    Sometimes I remember the ads product, but mostly not unfortunately. This is happening to me more and more and at least part of it is simply the internet becoming more useful - so searching for the silver one I get a bunch of car-colour tutorials etc. ... it's like I need a specific search to the ad space or the film space in general excluding all other things. Searching for ads is problematic too because it's inundated with 'classics' so you get a lot of 70s and 80s, sometimes 90s but - anyway maybe I'm alone here but what do you guys do when you know the look but can't quite place it? I've always been bad with names! Kind of a shot in the dark but sometimes these discussions yield some pretty amazing results even the unintended ones.

    edit- I just had another thought wondering if there is a sort of canon for unique looks worth looking at as well. A catalogue of novel looks over time as my examples were probably copied from something else.
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      Just do a search for "old tv commercials" and I'd bet you can find something. As for current or recent spots, join WheresSpot on facebook. I see queries/answers all the time on there about newer spots.
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