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BRAINS! - Shaun Patrick and Stewbottum

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    Funny concept. Good sound, good cinematography, good editing. Thumbs up!


      I at first couldn't put my finger on what your short reminded me of...then it hit me:
      For whatever reason it reminded me of the SNL "commercial" sketches of the early 90's (something Phil Hartman would have narrated). That is, most assuredly a good thing, by the way.

      I only wish you had utilized your full five minutes, and maybe worked in a few other "mini-sketches"...perhaps have it play out like the ZAZ team's "Kentucky Fried Movie".

      Overall: Funny stuff...very funny stuff

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        loved it, one of my favorites. i agree with others about the actors; could have listened to them all night. i thought the length was fine, it was what it was....hilarious.


          I'm not gonna second what us already being said; this is one of my favorties. Wonderfully photographed; cool zombies; cool leads (the brunette dude was great). My bitch?

          Not long enogh damn it. And thats what ruined it for me. I was like "Thats it?". And thats astand out for me in a negiative sense; I felt somewhat jipped.

          Nevertheless; great job


            All around good production


              Fantastic, I love this kind of comedy.

              The actors were great, give them a cookie for their work.

              I too wish it were longer.
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                That was funny. I also felt bad this was aiming so low, because it certainly achieved its goals.

                Loved the timing of the cell phone gag, a slighlty more complicated script, would be fun, especially with the actors you had. Those guys did have a good chemistry, as was already said.

                Good work on this one!


                  You followed the key rule for comedy: leave them wanting more. How many times has SNL taken a really funny concept and just killed it to death?

                  If people are begging for more and rewatching your clip again and again, then you have accomplished perfect comedy.

                  Great talent, nice technical and perfect pacing in the edit.

                  Erik Olson


                    I have to take slight issue with "aiming so low" because from the get go we wanted to make something cohesive, short, technically sound, and funny. When it came down to budgetary/logistcal issues, we also wanted something that we wouldn't have to compromise on. A piece that we could spend a whole day getting the acting/timing/visuals down pat. In the end, practicality won out over scope but I'm very happy with the look (as the DP) and the overall pace (Stewbottum was the editor).

                    Also, it's great to hear that people want to see more--we'll be definitely adding outtakes and an alternate ending to the DVD version.

                    Overland, I have to agree with SNL just killing a dead horse. I believe you can set your watch to it while you're watching the show. 2 minutes into a sketch is usually when they start recycling the jokes.

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                      Don't take an issue, Shaun, I mean, I'd like to see you guys putting toghether a movie script, better than a sketch script next time. Because a sketch is a visual joke, a short film can be a little more than that. That's all I'd like to see that good directing for comedy put to use in something larger. People are giving you guys 8's and honestly, I think that is the most you are going to get from most people using this sketch format, because of the level return it gives to the audience. It's like a small level of commitment and a small return - pretty much TV'esque in a sense.

                      I guess "aimimng low" sounded harsh, it's prejudice on my part, since I like TV less than films, band this IS pretty much a TV sketch (in format, not in looks, this looks very good, very filmlike). It is very well done though.


                        As taubkin indicated, this felt like a sketch to me, almost like something you'd see on was funny but I didn't feel like a lot of effort went into it.

                        On the plus side, it did look good and I did laugh
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                          Yeah... I'm gonna have to disagree with you guys on the sketch observations here.

                          Good filmed comedy should come across as effortless, light and leave the viewer wanting for more. So many directors have a hard time with the very unique techniques for comedy and it colors every decision they make throughout the process - from angles and compositions to lighting to beat time in delivery and into the cutting room.

                          This film was short and it handled the undead in a very different way than many, but please don't ding the guys for lack of effort. Are you faulting them for knowing what shots to get, staying on-script and technically nailing it from start to finish? Because it seemed effortless is a testament to their inherent understanding of the basics of the comedic filmmaking process.

                          I've seen a healthy number (read >50%) of submissions that rate at 1 or 2 for lack of creativity, writing, direction and technical apptitude.

                          The vast majority of the comedy subjects in this festival, many of which might have taken weeks to produce, don't hold a candle to the Brains! short. While I fought the urge to close several of these works halfway through viewing, I watched this little gem five times.

                          This one, whether you call it a sketch or a short, is a solid 8.

                          Erik Olson


                            Originally posted by overlandfilms
                            but please don't ding the guys for lack of effort. Are you faulting them for knowing what shots to get, staying on-script and technically nailing it from start to finish? Because it seemed effortless is a testament to their inherent understanding of the basics of the comedic filmmaking process.
                            You make a good point but I will not relinquish my "sketch" felt like a skit, not a film....nothing wrong with that, just an observation.
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                              It's not an effort thing, it's a format thing.

                              Who is the main character in this? What does he want? What does he get? Did he change in any way? What actually happened during this?

                              Nothing happened, so why is it funny? Its an absurd situation around two regular guys (so as they communicate, we get to know how they feel - but it could be only one regular guy) and things are funny while we as an audience join the bits of the puzzle and find out about the absurd.

                              Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with that. In fact that takes a good dose of intelligence and screencraft to accomplish.

                              But honestly, it is one joke, one situation and nothing more. There is no progression, or character development, and it lasts two minutes, precisely because only this joke could not last any longer.

                              Maybe nobody cares if this seems like a sketch or a film, or a fabule or a rhapsody... I'm perfeclty ok with that. To me it felt like a TV sketch, and that is all.


                                Sketch or Short, these guys did a great job.

                                This now hopefully leaves them room to grow.

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