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Past 'fest entry - remember this one?

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    Past 'fest entry - remember this one?

    I'm looking for a previous festival entry, and can't remember when/which/what/who.

    It started with some young people around a table (playing poker, maybe?). One leaves the table, dies, then something happens to 'un-kill' him.

    I've looked through HallowsFest and Lossfest. It sounded like a TimeFest entry but I can't find the entries for that fest. Anyone remember this short? Just want to explore some story ideas, and wanted to refresh my memory on this one's story line.

    EDIT: Ok, I did find where the old 'round1' stuff is, but would still love to save download/viewing time if anyone knows.....

    EDIT2: Found it. TwilightFest, I_Would_Rather, Teresa Decher.
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    I know there was entry like this in FictionFest. But it was a little different. He died, which brought him to the table. He eventually leaves the table, though. It was called Revelations. Here's the thread if that's it:


      That's not the one I was looking for, but I'll check it out; maybe there are some similarities.

      Thanks for the help, Hawk.