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Rates for certain production services abroad

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    Rates for certain production services abroad

    Hello everybody.

    I have been working as a provider of television production services for foreign clients in Colombia for a couple of years and it has been going pretty well.

    But something I have been wondering is if I charge correctly. Usually I use a mix of market sense, intuition and personal justification when I charge, because there aren't any established union rates when it comes to this kind of jobs.

    But I wanted to ask you guys what you think are some rates that could be normal (in both emerging and industrialized countries), or how much you have paid for these services when hiring them.

    It would be for the following two jobs:

    - Production fixer and translator (bilingual, knowledge and experience in television production, local knowledge)
    - Local production manager (bilingual, knowledge and experience in television/film production and connections/knowledge in culture, business and infrastructure in the local country)

    Thank you for any contribution.

    Truly varies. Very difficult to say.

    In some places it could be $100-$200/day and others $5000/day (or more).

    There are many variables but it mostly comes down to location, demand, and client.


      Thanks, man