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C500 II / C300 III PL mount Cooke/i data and manual focus assist guides

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    C300: C500 II / C300 III PL mount Cooke/i data and manual focus assist guides

    Does the PL mount for the current cameras allow the arrow based manual focus assist from the dual pixel to function? I know that the cameras require focal length and aperture data for the manual focus assist to function. I am not sure if the Cooke/i data is enough for Canon to have programmed the manual focus assist to be able to be used.

    Also, does anybody know if the Sigma Cine Primes work with the manual focus assist in either the ef or pl mount?

    I'm about set to buy some prime lenses and I don't want to give up the manual focus assist on the Canon cameras. As far as I can tell, only the Canon and the Sigma lenses transmit data through the ef mount. I'm not even sure if the Sigma lenses can work with the focus assist. If the cooke/i protocol allows manual focus assist then it might be worthwhile to look into pl mount lenses. Does the pl mount version of the Canon zooms with the cooke/i chip like the 17-120mm work with manual focus assist?

    Just tested on my C500 Mk II with a Sigma Cine Prime 14mm T2.0 EF Mount, menu Assistance Functions - Focus Guide is greyed out and displays message "This function is not compatible with the current lens".


      Thank you. That is a little surprising as I had assumed that the manual focus guides only required lens metadata for the camera to allow it.