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Canon Cinema RAW Development immediately crashes on macOS 11 Big Sur

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    C300: Canon Cinema RAW Development immediately crashes on macOS 11 Big Sur

    As the title states, when I launch Canon Cinema RAW Development on my Mac running macOS 11 Big Sur, it immediately crashes. Canon's XF Utility does the same. I have tried all manner of things including removing and re-installing the software, giving CRD full disk access, installing and attempting to launch it in Safe Startup Mode. I am (attempting) to run CRD version 2.6.1, the release notes for which state compatibility with macOS 11.

    I have not seen any reports of this on either this forum or as a result of searching on the web. This makes me think it might be an issue with my particular configuration, although my attempt to launch it in Safe Startup seems to rule out most software conflicts.

    Has anyone experienced this? It would also be useful to know if you have been able to run CRD on macOS 11.

    Thank you for your help.

    CRD is a very clunky piece of software...even if they officially support 11, I would question how well.

    Look at the crash report and see if you can find anything. [Maybe disabling any particular plugins or temporarily removing certain software may help.]


      Thanks for the response, NorBro. I agree that CDR is clunky (a good work to describe it.) I use Final Cut Pro; Canon's plugin for FCP works pretty well. I believe (by am not certain) that adjustments made in FCP are simply FCP's adjustments, not adjustments to the RAW data. Hence my continuing interest in it.


        Coming from REDCODE RAW in FCP where it allows you to fully adjust so much of the RAW data in the inspector, I could barely look at CRD, lol.

        But the last time I checked it was last summer with the R5, and I think you were only able to adjust a few things. Mainly white balance and brightness, maybe something else, IDR.

        I think the white balance was helpful, but I found CRL from the C200 to be very good and surprisingly (surprisingly at that time for my brain) changing it with the color wheels looked exactly the same, so I gave up on CRD for that camera and barely used it with the R5.

        Also, for what it's worth, it's not clear how RAW Canon's RAW really is with RED's patent(s) still existing, which could help explain the limited control over data in CRD, but IDK.

        Which camera are you using?


          NorBro: I am using a C200 and C300 Mark III. My experience with the quality of Canon RAW Light and the results of adjustments made in FCP is the same as yours. I'll probably be smart and simply stop attempting to work with CRD. Thanks for your help - I appreciate it.