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C300 Mark III & C70 Magnification

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    C300: C300 Mark III & C70 Magnification

    The C300 Mark III and C70 have 5x and 10x magnification. The C300 Mark II has 2x magnification.

    I find the 2x magnification works well as the image looks sharp when in focus. The 5x and 10x magnification do not work well as the image is mush and not sharp, so when focusing it a difference between mushy or less mushy, with less mushy being when it's in focus. But it's a bit difficult to tell. While with the 2x, sharp looks sharp and is easier to tell when it's in focus.

    Anyone else find this?

    I'd like to see Canon add 2x magnification as an option in a firmware update. I wasn't able to see an option for this in the menus.

    I don't know why they cannot they just make stuff simple and offer 2-10x.

    And then offer customization based on that range.

    (1) Cycling back and forth through all 8 modes (a little extreme but whatever).
    (2) Cycling through the even numbers (2x-4x-6x-8x-10x) - or odd numbers.
    (3) Toggling only certain ones you want to see (only 2x and 4x, or just 2x and then back to normal).
    (4) Be able to use any button to do this.

    All of this kind of thinking should apply to all features. I know there's a lot of work involved for all of the system, but that is how you build smart cameras.