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Noise issue??

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    Noise issue??

    We are having some noise or grain issue from our XL H1.

    The Camera is connected over SDI to one the Ki Pro which Canon advertises as HD uncompressed!
    We have taking footage in manual and automatic, okay Automatic I can understand the Gain is on Auto and could playing against us.
    In the manual mode we have camera set to:
    AE shift 0
    Gain 0 and or -3
    Auto focus
    Stabilizer on the Lens is off
    All footage has noise on it. Any suggestions?

    Sounds strange. At 0db and -3db, my XL H1s footage is really clean. Especially anything I record on my Nanoflash from the HD-SDI. You are recording from HD-SDI too, so your footage should be very clean, especially at those gain levels.

    Can you get the camera checked by Canon?
    Canon XLH1S+Nanoflash/Canon HV40/Canon S95