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xl2+m2 b&w short

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    xl2+m2 b&w short


    I’m applying to a film school in Finland and we had to make a b&w short film. The subject was “Unbearable Lightness of jealousy”. You won’t get the point of the film, cause it comes from Finnish word meaning jealousy. The word actually builds from two words, black and sock. So I made a sort of a comedy about that issue. You probably don’t understand anything I telling, but just look at the video and tell me what you think.

    Some of the shots are soft, cause we had to hurry when we were filming. It took about five hours to shoot the whole thing. And second I had to use a crappy tripod, so the shaking in some shots is due to that.

    It was shot with canon xl2 with m2 and canon ef1.8 85mm lens.
    I have to say that m2 is amazing equipment. You just have to have time at the location if you want to get everything out of it, when you’re shooting.

    ps. compression is very poor. Try to make something out of it...