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Canon XF605 -- Anyone here bought and/or used one yet?

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    Canon XF605 -- Anyone here bought and/or used one yet?

    It appears they're in stock now.

    So has anyone here used one? If so, what did you like and not like about it?
    Jim Feeley
    POV Media

    ive used it at a show.

    I thought it looked to be very very good for many reasons.

    the downside is that it is big - a video camera. like an ex1 not like a handy cam.. xf405

    It struck me as absolutely to buy if you inhabit that .'need a video cam' world. And to consider buying if wide open 1in could maybe replace the horror of s35 and poorly ranged zooms. View my feature Film


      I don't know if you have seen it but there is a fairly solid look at the 605 below on one of CVP's videos. Overall it has a fair bit to offer. The only real negative comment made was it gets a bit noisy when the light gets low and the gain goes up but then one has to expect that with a 1" sensor that runs down to F/4.5 at the long end of a 15 x lens. As MM says if you need a "video" camera for certain event work, live entertainment or sports coverage I think it has to pretty high on the consider list.

      If you don't need 4K for that sort of work there's plenty around in good very well priced ENG type kit that fits the bill quite well. I sold my 2/3" cameras but still need a camera for that sort of work and so still keep one three-chip 1/2" HD camera for that express reason. A Sony PMW-300 which with its latest firmware can record XAVC-I and L. Running an F/1.6 or F/1.8 B4 18-22 x lens It absolutely kills my FS7 for low light coverage when a long lens is required.

      Chris Young


        Its better than a video camera!

        there's plenty around in good very well priced ENG type kit that fits the bill quite well

        I dont think this is the case.. every handycam before this one (maybe not 705) had a critical flaw of varying nature. To me all 2/3 cams had a critical flaw.. mass.

        After handling cameras for 1/4 of a decade I can say this camera crosses a line from 'critically flawed' to 'usable' and that is a big deal.

        (it is a binary world.. 'usable for work' or 'not usable for work')

        Id wager 80% of work being done on fs7, fx6 (and that is a lot of work) would be better done with this.

        I remember a couple of summers ago seeing a kid with a (production company provided) fs7 and 24-105 and seeing that he could not get a comfy hold, didnt have the tele he needed and still somehow thought he was cool.

        I knew he needed a 605 (not that it excisted)

        XF605 is so good that S35 and vista should go back to being drama only formats.

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          that video says it all in the first 10 seconds.

          'there are a lot of awesom cameras on the market' and then cuts to four shots of unasable cr_ap like the 'cant see in the sun' C70 or any 'no audio' dslrs

          the 605 beats all the half way solutions.

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