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How Long Can Atomos Hang On?

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    I have a wild amount of Atomos recorders and all of them came with several drive caddies, so I have quite a collection at this point.

    The Atomos branded reader:
    Charles Papert


      Originally posted by DustinSchmidt View Post

      Yep, I can attest that I have successfully used those adapters as well for transferring off those little drives. Good product.
      +1 here. Been using something very similar for years. A fraction of the cost of the Atomos ones. I also have one that takes a 12v 2amp power supply that will power SATA spinning drives. Which I also use to power an external BD drive when required.

      Chris Young


        Originally posted by CharlesPapert View Post

        If it helps anyone, these do the same thing as the Atomos reader at a fraction of the price (and smaller footprint too):

        USB 3.0


        Useful info, thanks!

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        I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by canceling it.


          Did anyone see that Atomos is offering a paid upgrade to AtomOS 11 to both the Ninja V and V+? Also, either upgrade enables both ProRes Raw and H265. It's not a bad way to spend $79, and it gets you El Zone exposure too. I'm so glad that I still have mine and just upgraded today. Though it does make me wonder what the reasoning would be to buy the 2023 Ninja or Ninja Ultra...