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Adobe changes to new product cycle and announces CS version 5.5


  • Adobe changes to new product cycle and announces CS version 5.5

    SAN JOSE, Calif., — April 11, 2011 — Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced the new Adobe® Creative Suite® 5.5 product line (see separate releases), enabling designers and developers to target popular and emerging smartphone and tablet platforms, as the revolution in mobile communications fundamentally changes the way content is distributed and consumed. Substantive advances to HTML5, Flash authoring, digital publishing and video tools as well as new capabilities that kick-start the integration of tablets into creative workflows, anchor the new Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 product family. News Room: new features of CS 5.5 Production Premium listed here: like there's some improved workflow tools for dual-system audio, audio editing, and native support for RED.And apparently you don't have to buy it!
    Today also sees Adobe debut an affordable and flexible subscription-based pricing plan, attractive to customers that want to get current and stay current on Creative Suite products, have project-based needs, or try the software for the first time. New Subscription Editions ensure customers with active subscriptions are always working with the most up-to-date versions of the software, without the upfront cost of full pricing. Now customers can use Adobe Production Premium CS5.5 for as little as US$85 per month. full CS 5.5 Production Premium press release is below:
    Adobe Unveils Creative Suite 5.5 Production Premium

    For immediate release

    Sweeping Productivity Enhancements and New Creative Innovations Boost End-to-End Workflows for Audio and Video Professionals

    SAN JOSE, Calif. — April 11, 2011 Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced Adobe® Creative Suite® 5.5 Production Premium, the complete software solution for video and post-production that helps deliver content to virtually any screen. Breakthrough performance, workflow improvements, creative innovations, and powerful new audio editing capabilities build upon the huge customer momentum Production Premium is experiencing with broadcasters, filmmakers and video professionals worldwide. New versions receiving major updates include Adobe Premiere® Pro CS5.5, Adobe After Effects® CS5.5, Adobe Flash® Professional CS5.5, Adobe Flash Catalyst® CS5.5, Adobe Story, Adobe Media Encoder CS5.5, and Adobe Device Central CS5.5. New to Creative Suite 5.5 is Adobe Audition® CS5.5, bringing its audio-for-video multitrack editing environment to both Mac OS and Windows® for the first time. Today also sees Adobe debut an affordable and flexible subscription-based pricing plan, attractive to customers that want to get current and stay current on Creative Suite products, have project-based needs, or try the software for the first time. New Subscription Editions ensure customers with active subscriptions are always working with the most up-to-date versions of the software, without the upfront cost of full pricing. Now customers can use Adobe Production Premium CS5.5 for as little as US$85 per month. “Over the past year, we’ve received a phenomenal response to Adobe Creative Suite CS5 Production Premium for its performance, new features and expanded integration with hardware and camera manufacturers that makes metadata, collaboration and distribution a seamless workflow for video professionals,” said Jim Guerard, vice president and general manager for Professional Video, Adobe. “CS5.5 turbo-charges a product that has already taken the industry by storm and gives story-tellers new tools and features to continue to astonish audiences around the world.” Even Greater Productivity Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Production Premium delivers massive productivity enhancements that enable video and audio professionals to dramatically accelerate their workflows. The powerful Adobe Mercury Playback Engine, introduced in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5, broadens its graphics processing unit (GPU) hardware support to include laptops and more supported cards, and allows users to open projects faster, get real-time feedback for more GPU-accelerated features, and work more smoothly at 4k and higher resolutions. Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 boosts performance by providing a smoother editing workflow, enabled by new trimming and editing tools that provide more precision and control. Dual-system sound support from the new Merge Clips command in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 lets users quickly sync video with high-quality audio recorded on separate devices like location recorders, ideal for DSLR or RED workflows. Leveraging an integrated workflow with Adobe Audition, Adobe Premiere Pro users can save time by sending individual clips or sequences, including reference videos, directly to Adobe Audition for audio editing and restoration. Adobe’s lead in file-based workflows widens in CS5.5 with enhanced support for RED and other tapeless cameras, including improved RED Source Settings dialog in Premiere Pro and After Effects CS5.5 and native support for up to 5k media from RED Epic cameras via an extension available on Adobe Labs. Providing a truly native editing solution, CS5.5 saves users time and eliminates the need to transcode or rewrap footage. Building on Creative Suite Production Premium’s industry-leading multiscreen capabilities, the new 64-bit Adobe Media Encoder CS5.5 has been completely redesigned to deliver Adobe Premiere Pro video sequences, After Effects compositions, and Adobe Encore® projects to multiple screen formats quickly, while doing the encoding in the background. Adobe Media Encoder CS5.5 also introduces new format support such as AVC-Intra and DPX, and watch folders so users can encode a single clip to multiple destinations with a simple drag and drop. “When you watch a film, it’s the larger experience that sticks with you, the combination of elements, not the individual details,” said Gareth Edwards, award winning filmmaker and the creative driving force behind the much-heralded 2010 independent film, Monsters. “That’s what I love about Adobe Creative Suite – all of the individual tools interlink seamlessly and blur the line between each part of the process so the focus is creating a cohesive work, not a bunch of different pieces. This interconnectivity coupled with the incredible speed of the Mercury Playback Engine makes for a powerful combination – if we had CS5.5 when we made Monsters, I know we would have finished two months earlier.” Game-Changing Innovations New innovations across the suite continue to help audio and video professionals push the boundaries of their creativity. After Effects CS5.5 introduces new features such as the Warp Stabilizer, Camera Lens Blur and Light Falloff to enable users to enhance footage in post-production. The breakthrough Warp Stabilizer eliminates unwanted camera movement by steadying shaky footage, making handheld footage appear as smooth as a camera mounted on a mechanical stabilizer. The Camera Lens Blur effect mimics the properties of physical lenses offering more realistic depth of field blurs. The Light Falloff effect enables users to simulate natural illumination falloff to mimic how light behaves in a 3D scene and can be used to create other light intensity effects. Already well-adopted in the audio industry, video professionals can now harness the power of Adobe Audition in CS5.5 Production Premium – for both Mac and Windows platforms. The completely re-written audio engine in Audition offers a robust toolset to record, edit, mix, master, and sweeten audio. With its professional editing and multitrack mixing tools, powerful noise-reduction and effects options, audio and video professionals on both platforms can now benefit from Adobe Audition CS5.5 for handling a wide range of tasks quickly and efficiently. Improved Collaboration Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Production Premium continues to drive innovation by enhancing how users collaborate with existing workflows, even if they use a variety of tools. Enhanced project exchange support for Final Cut Pro users provides maximum flexibility for video editors, while new or enhanced OMF support in Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Audition makes it possible to export high-quality audio projects to Avid Pro Tools, facilitating more efficient collaboration between audio editors, remixers and sound designers. Access to the new version of Adobe Story, an Adobe CS Live online service*†, improves collaboration between users with email notifications of new script edits and a faster method of tracking changes through script elements and filters. The ability to import Adobe Story script data directly into Adobe Premiere Pro further strengthens XML-based metadata support found throughout the Production Premium suite, which is critical for everything from file-based workflows to media asset management. This industry leadership around metadata-driven workflows, plus the ease and flexibility of communicating with Adobe applications with critical third party solutions from news management systems to playback servers, is the catalyst behind many broadcasters and other organizations around the world switching to Adobe Creative Suite Production Premium. Pricing and Availability Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Production Premium is scheduled to ship within 30 days with availability through Adobe Authorized Resellers, the Adobe Store and Adobe Direct Sales. Estimated street price for Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Production Premium is expected to be US$1,699. Upgrade pricing and volume licensing are available. By subscribing to Creative Suite, customers can choose a one-year subscription plan for lower payments or a month-to-month subscription for greater flexibility. For more information about Subscription Editions, visit: Pricing for the new Subscription Edition starts as low as US$39 per month for Adobe Premiere Pro and US$85 per month for Production Premium. Education pricing for students, faculty and staff in K-12 and higher education is available from Adobe Authorized Education Resellers and the Adobe Education Store at More information regarding education volume licensing for higher education and K-12 institutions can be viewed at For more detailed information about features, OS support, upgrade policies, pricing and International versions, please visit About Adobe Systems Incorporated Adobe is changing the world through digital experiences. For more information, visit

    • scapsinger
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      Originally posted by Mike Harvey
      Agreed...although now keylight has given Adobe their next great idea to increase revenue (require a fee to transfer/reactivate a license by another user). KIDDING!! (I hope).

      The subscription idea is fine for short term guys who don't have the suite, and perhaps as a way to convert trial downloads to purchases by way of a subscription.

      Here's the deal...the trial versions are now "fully functional" for 30 days, meaning you could download the CS5.5 Production Suite, and have all the features (or perhaps not the 3rd party plugins) for 30 days to cut an edit. Running a little long on the edit? Want to extend your trial by a month to wrap it up? Only $129 - or whatever the price is. Don't need to buy the software just yet if you aren't sure, but hey, you can still finish your project.

      As an active participant on the Adobe forums, I can't count the number of people who either a) complained about the limited-functioning trial version or b) got stuck in the middle of a project after 30 days and had no choice but to either start over on the project or purchase the whole $1,600 suite. So this isn't the most bang-for-your-buck option over the long term, but I think it's a great way to get people on board without demanding that they cross the $1,600 threshold.

      That being said, I think Adobe is squandering an opportunity. If they made the software subscription $49 a month, it would be more attractive to everyone, either new or existing user. They could also probably bypass a huge chunk of their retail package shipments through the subscription. I know that I personally would be willing to pay $49 per month with an annual commitment knowing that they will have a new version or half version every 12 months (which they are publicly committing to do). If each new version was less and less innovative, I'd rethink it, but having upgraded to every new version of the suite since Premiere Pro 1.0, I've been happy enough to keep it up.

      And having monthly subscription revenue would certainly make the accountants happy, rather than having a huge bump every 18 months. Much better I think, and better for the end user.

    • Jisgren
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      I wonder how the the new FCP pricing will impact CSx.x pricing going forward. $299 is very low for a so called " professional" NLE. Although listening to the press conference last night there are some interesting new feature, but a lot seemed to be pitched to casual, prosumers with the mutliple automodes.

    • scapsinger
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      Hard to say. From Adobe's standpoint, they have the Production Suite, which includes Photoshop and After Effects. Buying those two programs is virtually required for many of us, and if you're going to buy both of those, it's cheaper to buy them as the Production Suite. Do that, and now you own Premiere Pro (and Audition, and Encore, etc). Of course, Adobe would look pretty stupid if they marketed it as "Buy Photoshop and After Effects and get Premiere Pro FREE! But WAIT...that's not all!!"

      But there's little incentive to try and make Premiere Pro DIRECTLY compete with FCP on price while many people have to buy those other apps anyway. And why should they, when everyone pays the going rate with Photoshop as it is?

      And of course, it's still unknown how the pricing will ACTUALLY work for FCP. Is $299 the upgrade cost? Is there another price for buying new? What is actually included? How much is the suite going to cost when it's released?

      I'm not an FCP editor (haven't been for...6 years?) but I'll say I didn't see anything "game changing" about the announcement. There were plenty of things that will be ground-shaking for FCP editors, but in the world of NLEs today, Avid and Adobe already do most of what FCP is planning to do in FCP X. Stuff like the 64-bit support (which is insane how long that took, considering Apple OS practically led the charge on 64-bit and video apps are so RAM hungry). Adobe has now been fully 64-bit on NLE (and After Effects and Photoshop) for 12 months, and there was the "multiple instances" support in CS4 to make use of all your system's RAM if you were on 64-bit Windows for a full 18 months before that.

      So yeah, the current info about FCP leads no one to believe there is anything legitimately "game changing" in the world of editing, but it WILL be a huge benefit to current FCP editors to finally be on 64-bit.

      Someone said something about Apple using this release to play catch up to Adobe in terms of playback and 64-bit support and other things...I suppose that's possibly true, and seems that way right now, but somehow I just think Apple must have something else up their sleeve. It would be a strange world to see Apple actually failing to leapfrog the competition like they pretty much always do with a new hardware or software release.
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