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    TV Series with HD100
    We've been working on a 1/2 hour Christian-Based TV Drama series shot with two JVC HD100's. You can see the Pilot episode here:

    I won a Telly Award for Editing on it. Boy I was surprised. I guess they were able to look past the roughness of it and realize the hard work it takes to put something like this together.

    It was shot in 4:3 Standard Def @ 24p (except for the narrator/host segments shot in a studio @ 30i.)

    The second episode is being shot widescreen and looks much better. It is also a much better story with better locations. Anyway, Not taking the Hi Def dive yet, waiting for stouter equipment for editing. But anyhow, see what you think. Most shots were color corrected and some scenes are now being re-shot/edited, along with the 2nd episode which I will post next month.


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    overall good job. Couple things you should change to make it seem more professional.
    1. Fix the audio - voices seemed weak and loud at the same time maybe add some thickening effects or something. If you have garageband this should be easy.
    2. Add familiar music - find some good music from a christian band that won't charge you alot to use there music and use that as the background music.
    3. Have someone go over the finished product and give it a overall color grade. You need a specific look.

    I didn't say the editing was bad just mainly the way it looks and sounds. lol. I didn't mean it like that.

    Again I like the direction you are going that is why I left you some constructive criticism. Check this for an example of what I am talking about.

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