It's a DVXuser rite of passage for new camera owners to pull out their brand new factory smelling DVX/HVX, clutch it in their trembling hands, and then to have their hearts drop as a rattling sound emanates from their new camera’s bowels. Everyone experiences this moment. You think something’s wrong, that you got a lemon, and you start to think about the 6,000 dollar investment you made and whether you’re certifiable.

You do a google search, and you stumble through the DVXuser saloon doors, nervous and looking for affirmation to send back this faulty beast. You post a question, “what’s that clunk noise?” and for the next six hours you experience a roller coaster ride of emotions. Is it the gyro stabilizer, a good luck penny, or damage from transit?

It’s a fun initiation, has been taken too far at times, but its time is coming to an end. Unfortunately people are taking the joke seriously, and they're actually calling Panasonic and asking about the flux capacitor and the gyrotonic stabilizing rods.

For those of you who witnessed the fun, and were on the receiving end of it, it was a good ride. For the new owners, welcome, there’s nothing wrong with your camera. Here's page 122 from the HVX manual:

DVX100/A/B users will experience the exact same rattle present in the HVX.

Consult page 63, Q4 of the DVX100 manual, or page 67, Q4 of the DVX100A manual for a similar explanation of the rattle.