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    Screenwriting Faq

    Final Draft and Movie Magic Screenwriter are pretty much the industry standards. On which one to use it comes down to personal preference.

    Final Draft:

    Movie Magic Screenwriter:


    Free Software:



    Syd Field: Screenplay

    Robert Mckee: Story

    Christopher Vogler: The Writer’s Journey

    David Trottier: The Screenwriter's Bible

    Denny Flinn: How Not To Write A Screenplay

    Web resources: - Online version of the magazine Creative Screenwriting. Also has a free podcast. Hollywood Creative Directory - A great source for screenwriting contests.

    Online Workshops: - $25 annual fee.

    Free script Links: Free with registration

    Buy scripts:


    U.S. Copyright Office
    Cost: $45

    Writers Guild of America West
    Cost: $20

    Writers Guild of America East
    Cost: $22

    Note: WGA registration doesn't provide copyright protection. For twenty-five bucks more you can protect your work at the U.S. Copyright Office.

    Screenwriting Formatting and Supplies:

    Proper Formatting:


    Holepunchers: - Brads, books, and a great resource for anything and everything screenwriting related.

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    Feel free to add resources to this list. I'll add them to the main post.

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    Has to be the most informative website on the process ever. In my humble opinion.
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    annoying add at the bottom, but very usefull and free!

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    Syd Field Screenwriting Workshop DVD

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    if any one is looking for final draft, let me know, i could get it for you, for free.

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    BBC has an excellent set of FREE macros for Word which includes a toolbar and a windows help file.

    If you have Word 2000 or later, and want a free add-in that makes it easy to work in script format , it's definitely worth checking out.

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    I actually started with scriptware an excellent program. then I thought they stop selling it and went with final draft. final draft is just as good but its the little features that made scriptware cool. gonna get it again.
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    I'd like to also chime in on Cinergy Script Editor from . It isn't as full featured as Celtx- no spell check or reports, but the features it does have work- unlike Celtx's pagination bugs.

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