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    The Mask of Pigs
    Hey guys,

    Since lockdown slowed a lot of productions, I wanted to do a piece where I could only count on myself to do a short film in my place. It sounded so cool on paper, but I ended up calling my gaffer to help me on a couple of shots that needed some camera movement (I couldn't move the camera and be in front of it at the same time). So I directed, DP'd, acted, etc on this.

    I'm still trying to bring it down to 15min to be more festival friendly (it's currently at 16min) and I wanted to get your opinion on this short film.


    Pass: pigs2021

    Thanks for watching!

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    Hey, I enjoyed that. I liked the premise you came up with. Good lighting and performance too. It is remarkable that you did so much of this by yourself. A few of the shots felt a little long. I think that you should definitely be able to get this under 15 mins and I think it will be a stronger film for it. Good luck with your festival run!

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    Hi! Thanks for watching and appreciating the effort. It was a good exercise to remind myself of the importance of each member in a film crew lol.

    Definitely agree with you on some shots feeling a little long. I was trying to avoid cutting on the bedroom sequence as I feel that one is important to build tension. But there are a lot of other shots that need to be faster.


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    Hey guys. I just got it under 15 minutes.

    I have a question. I did almost everything by myself as a pandemic "production", during lockdown, but I'm not sure how to credit myself. I had the help of my gaffer in some shots like I told you, but that's it. Should I just do a small text at the end explaining this and contextualize the film as "product of the pandemic"? Or maybe make up pseudonyms like Steven Soderbergh does?
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    How about:


    Filmed and edited during the Covid-19 Lockdown.




    Written, Directed, Shot and Edited by David Evans.

    And then after the film:

    Additional camera work by ________.

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    Thanks QuickHitRecord!

    On the mean time, here's the logline:

    In a post-covid world, where disinformation and conspiracy theories undermine society, a man living alone in his apartment must let another person enter his home.

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