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    Panasonic AF100 vs X1000
    Do you think AF100 is better than X1000, considering its larger sensor? I seriously consider selling X1000 and buying AF100, because I don't need 4K and I really like the AF100 colors. Do you think it is reasonable to do so? I don't want to say that X1000 colors are bad, but AF100 image has more cinema feel in it. Besides, I believe AF100 should behave much better in low light.


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    Both are very dated, but the AF100 will provide you shallower DOF which will trick your brain into it looking more cinematic (shallow DOF does this to millions of people).

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    What kind of videos are you shooting? If you're shooting interviews, it might make more sense to get a G7/GH4/GH5 mirrorless camera and use your X1000 for audio and a backup camera angle. You can get a focal reducer/speed booster to help emulate the S35mm aesthetic.

    I think the AF100's max bitrate is 24Mbps, which is on the low side, but might be sufficient for your purposes. If you find a good deal on a hacked GH2, you could shoot at 200 Mbps.
    The 2011 Zacuto Great camera shootout rated the AF100's latitude at 10 stops, which was fine in it's day, but it won't hold a candle to modern cameras with HLG or Log profiles.

    It's too bad that Panasonic never really released an AF100 successor, and I don't think the EVA1 counts, as it's release price was double the AF100's.

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