I've been shooting and editing 24P Advanced footage from my HVX200a for many years. When importing using FCP 7's Log & Transfer, the pulldown was removed and the footage was converted
to 23.976 fps. progressive. Since upgrading my iMac to Big Sur, FCP 7 does not run so I use FCP 10.5.2 which does not perform this conversion. Therefore, the footage remains 29.97 fps. interlaced.
So now my question is, given this situation, does it make sense to shoot 24 P Advanced and work with it unconverted of shoot straight 24 P? Barry Green's HVX 200 book does not provide a clear
answer but does say "When 24PA 2:3:3:2 footage is written to tale/card, all the original 24P frames are kept intact...24P 2:3 is therefore a little less efficient for editing in a 24P timeline than
24P Advanced, and 24P Advanced may benefit from better compression efficiency." Compressor has a feature called Reverse Telecine which does the conversion but the result is not smooth.
My deliverables are for the internet and occasional film festivals.

Has anyone had this experience and have any advice?