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    Looks great Abe!!! Tell us more about the shot.
    that head room on locked down

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    Quote Originally Posted by ahalpert View Post
    I have no compunctions using IBIS in conjunction with another stabilization rig. I feel like the warping is worse when the camera is shakier. When I'm already using a gimbal, it sort of helps smooth out any rough edges, like you mention in tripod use.
    Not my GH5. IBIS has gone into convulsions, epileptic fits for me two times now on pro shoots, once on a gimbal getting some b-roll of a church exterior, another on a tripod being blown by some crosswinds. It's usually okay handheld but last week I did notice some slight rolling corner/edge distortions on one of the handheld romantic shots.

    The wedding companies I work for prohibit handholding the camera without a rig because they don't trust our stability. But I prefer to be on a gimbal anyway because I can go high-angle over people's heads when need be or break into a camera move. (Most of my stuff on gimbal is monopod-esque coverage until I have a reason to pull a move.)
    That's interesting but no such restriction here. I shoot for a national wedding company but also a large local company. Regardless, there's only so much endurance I have for holding steady for very long. Last night, the DJ was actually encouraging people to get up from the tables and head over to the cake cutting in a tiny corner with their cell phones. People were holding them up in the air. Pushing and shoving is sometimes what we have to do, the client pays for these shots after all and you get derided as just another pushy member of the media. The DJ did the same thing for 1st dance, garter and bouquet, urging on the celebrants to surround the couple with their cell phones. I have not seen that before. It really complicated matters for the 2nd shooter who was using an A7R on a Zhiyun Crane 3 with monitor and follow focus, to get in, and to some extent me too. The problem is that when you don't know the DJ is going to do that, and you are left on the wrong side of a crowded room, everyone has already surrounded the couple before you can make your way to it. At more normal events, a request is usually made of guest to not use their cell phones/cameras, that paid professionals will be documenting with all the photo and video needed.

    Before I used A7SIII AF, once or twice a year, I would come home to find that i had missed focus on the couple while gimballing out with them during the recessional because it's kind of a challenging circumstance - walking backwards down the aisle trying not to bump the photog next to me or the audience on the other side of me, keeping the couple in frame, watching where I'm walking. The AF handles it super reliably and makes the whole thing easier for me.)And that's the thing - AF doesn't have to be perfect, it just has to do as good or better at the job than I do. And if the situation is not conducive to the capabilities of the AF system, then it's no problem - I just switch back to focusing manually. The key thing is learning how and when to use AF and when I should go manual.
    Just after the pronouncement, I switched to 60p for a cinematic shot of the recessional. Shooting while walking backwards with GH5S on gimbal in face tracking AF, I must have double pressed the record button, or it still was not ready after the switch, in any case I missed the shot because camera was not recording. I asked the couple for a redo which they accommodated. I'm getting ready to take a look at the footage from last night, to see if I am good or just bragging. Is it possible to be both?

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