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    Canon ME200S-SH/ ME20F wireless remote
    Hi as per the title I have been using the Canon ME200s-sh for a while and one of the biggest limiting factors is having to use the wired remote.

    Would love to be able to run the remote over wireless but options just lanc or rs422, both proprietary.

    Anyone any experience of these / possible solutions?
    CPS not aware of any atm. The me200s-sh is basically like a box with the C100 in it.

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    I'm not sure if any exist...but how they didn't put any wireless hardware inside of a specific use case body like this is unexplainable.

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    I think they figured that out and made the ME20F-SHN with an ethernet port but no wireless still.

    Tbh its crazy that via Lanc you get 2.5m of cable to a remote.
    With the RS422 you can do 10m then the cost is mindboggling.

    If you could wireless the lanc or RS422 this would be incredible kit.

    To even use it as a shoulder or tripod rig we got the Protech remote.
    Its sad as more and more applications these were seemingly born for we have to stick an A7S and a PIR as we can't have someone 5ft from the wildlife or else stuck in an awkward position for hrs at a time.

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