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    New COB lights - Maxima 3 and Maxima 7
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    Interesting new lights. The price a bit steep thou...

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    They look cool aesthetically, but on paper compared to say a Hive 575 of similar price point, they're twice as heavy, single color temp only while Hive is RGB. It's 700w vs Hive's 550w. Aputure 600D is actually a 720w light, so is slightly more wattage than this, similar weight, and one third the price.

    This is a single unit light so no ballast to deal with, for better or worse. I guess if one prefers the heavier single unit so they don't have to deal with extra cables and putting things together, this is a good option. Obviously a ballast design can mean a lighter head that can be mounted to a less beefy light stand and then the ballast can control the light from the ground. Otherwise than the integrated ballast for those who like that, I'm not seeing much benefit to this light over the competition.

    Looks like it may have good build quality so perhaps could appeal to rental houses, particularly with less pieces to deal with as well.
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    Vimeo Page:

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    The build quality looks excellent. Controlling the zoom/spot looks super smooth compared to other options. I think it's smart that they included the power supply in the light, as far as attracting people to that style vs. the abundance of lights with separate power supplies.

    I think maxima has a tough gig on their hands given the price. I'm sure the price tag is justified by the build quality and quality of light it provides but I have a feeling most people will dismiss it as costing too much.

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    For about the same price as the Maxima 3 you can get a similar wattage light that's full spectrum RGBACL, the Orion 300 FS from Prolycht. Why buy a single color light when you can get one fully color tunable?
    Mitch Gross
    Prolycht Lighting

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