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    Had been on a few waiting lists for months then a couple weeks ago found one in stock at the camera exchange so jumped on it. Got lucky I guess.

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    Thanks Doug,
    You have certainly got me thinking. I will do a fast survey of what I have invested at this point and look into renting a Z750 or Z450 for an upcoming shoot. The Z750 with good glass is a significant investment at this point in my career/age but I guess the resale value will help compensate. I do very much like the EFP/ENG camera build. Made the transition from mag strip to 3/4 to beta cam to camcorder and then back to sony eng cams then FS100-700 and finally mirrorless a7iii 's etc. Now with my little z150 for quick and dirty work like earlier in the month it so tempting to go to what you suggest. 90%+ of what I shoot ends up on the internet not the cinema screen, then there are the clients however. Often before they ask about my experience or rate they want to know what I am shooting on.... nuts.
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