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    Live Feed setup question, multiple cameras, mixer, wireless
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    I am looking into building a live feed system. I would like to provide live feed for online events, weddings, workshops.

    I would like to have 2-3 cameras to record the event. I am thinking
    about attaching a wireless transmitter to the cameras to send the signal
    to a live feed video mixer. I would like to switch back and forth
    between cameras signal is broadcasted to the online viewers.

    How would you do this? What king of DSLR/mirrorless HDMI transmitter you
    would use from the camera to the video mixer. What kind of solutions
    there are to switch back and forth between cameras? Thanks so much

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    Take a look at the ATEM Mini series. They are sized just right for your type of project.

    There are several low cost HDMI wireless video transmitters. Take a look at Accsoon, Vaxis, Inki and Hollyland and pick one that has the features that meet your needs. Lower cost units don't go very far. You may have to step up to higher priced units and if you want to go full-pro, then you should consider Teredeck, but it can be out of many people's budget.
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