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    Some years ago I toyed with the idea of making my alternate "work vehicle" a Ural motorcycle w/ sidecar. Your solution looks safer and more comfortable, if mildly more expensive
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    I like your sidecar idea.
    Years back we were on vacation in Italy, where a street musician used an old Harley 3 wheeler delivery cycle as his rig.
    I always thought it was pretty cool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Run&Gun View Post
    Market research...? ; )

    I'd say there is definitely a market for a Rifa knock-off / LED(COB inside a soft box) that QUICKLY(no assembly) folds up/deploys into at least a 1x1(preferably bigger) and is bi-color(color tunable from maybe 2700K to 6000-10,000K).
    Maybe a little, but also trying to understand where the tradeoffs would be. Even though LEDs are "cool lights" at their surface they do in fact get incredibly hot. Large flat panels spread the LEDs out so they naturally ventilate. But a COB concentrates the emitters which means they need to have a heat sink and fans. So it's a question of either a large panel/sheet that's lightweight or a small emitter grouping that's heavier.

    To replicate the soft but directional quality of a Rifa is an interesting trick. A Hudson Spider is probably more akin to a Briese light than a Rifa, and frankly it's priced more like a Briese as well. There are the many, many flexible soft panels lights like Intellytech LiteCloth or LiteMat. I find the flexibility of these only useful for packing them small, but they can be a pain in the butt to assemble as opposed to the umbrella-opening setup of a Rifa. And even with a grid on the front they're not as directional or punchy as a Rifa.

    If you want some color control there would have to be a control box / ballast of some sort. It could clamp to the lightstand and accept camera batteries for power. But if you're doing all this then you're getting rather close to our Orion 300 with a softbox on the front. It's a COB unit but if you have the control box on the stand already, what are you losing here? It's more expensive but it also has much more punch and other features. Would you want one that was just smaller?
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