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    Not only were there epic plot holes and great leaps of logic into true stupidity, but the boring slow pace was only outdone by the incredibly predictable and hackneyed story developments. My teenager kept predicting everything that would happen in each scene and I kept replying, "No, they can't be THAT obvious," only to have him nail it Every. Damn. Time. There must have been a dozen of them, including the ending.

    I did enjoy how Clooney was able to establish contact at exactly the same time some asteroids then knocked out the communications again. And how the radar system was completely unable to detect the stuff right in front of them. Or the... ah, forget it. There's just so much stupidity.
    Mitch Gross
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    "We have mysteriously drifted off course and we don't know where we are".....Well if you look out of the large front cockpit window on your spacecraft the big shiny hot ball is called the sun there's a clue maybe you could use it as a point of reference.

    Voyager 1 had a transmit power of 22 watts roughly the power of a fridge bulb and could send pictures back from the same region of space yet this high tech craft set in the future can't communicate due to the distance.
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