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    Was getting a CX10 to record 4k and stream 720p a bad idea?
    I got a CX10 thinking it would be the right camera for me -- let me record my basketball/football games at 4K and do a livestream through OBS.

    I know the CX10 outputs a scaled 1080p picture and then I'm scaling it down even further to 720p for the stream because my streaming laptop can't handle 1080p60.

    The whole picture seems awfully soft at 720.

    I really haven't jumped into deeper camera configuration or anything yet so maybe there's some way to improve things, but I just wonder if I went the wrong direction.

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    In short, probably.

    The camera was made in a different time (standards weren't as high) and the output and its fixed-lens is already pretty soft, IMO.

    Maybe try sharpening in the camera or via streaming (if possible).


    EDIT: Totally misread the model number (I read it as XC10...twice, ha).

    CX10 is new, but has a very small sensor. Fixed-lens is probably not the greatest either. Still would try sharpening.
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