I just sold my last PL-mount lens, so I'm offering my Wooden Camera PL-mount to micro 4/3 adapter. Really well designed, with a proper registration pin and a foot that can be attached to a tripod, quick plate, lens support, etc. for extra support. (It can also be removed, if you need to save weight.)

I used it with a Blackmagic Pocket Camera, but have tested it with a Panasonic GH5 as well. The lenses I used it with were the Canon 8-64mm t2.4 and the Zeiss 9.5mm t1.3 Super Speed-- each fit properly. (That Zeiss paired with the Blackmagic is great for use with a gimbal, by the way.)

This is the model:

New they go for $399, I'd like $275.

Let me know if you have questions, and thanks!

Comes with what you see here + two extra screws (that can connect the mount adapter to a Wooden Camera Blackmagic Pocket Cage, for example).