Was wondering if anyone has used a hvx200, or any p2 based camcorder to produce hunting show. Was wondering how you managed the content, I will probably get two 32gig cards and I know shooting 720p I can get double the record time and i'll just export as 1080p. The show host is use to having is sony1000 that runs tapes and he prefers to record the whole day on lots of tapes. with the p2 cards i won't be able to do it, and also won't have a rig/shoulder support. I've always used a p2 card reader to export, but might not be able to take that, how long does it take to export from camera to Macbook. If anyone has been a camera guy on a hunting show working with the hvx200 have any tips?

The hunting will be doing is two days of pheasant hunting, and then two day's of duck hunting.