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    Commercial Signatures, advertising on DVXUSER and the no poaching rule - a reminder
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    From our forum guidelines:

    Advertising policy -- please contact JASON RAMSAY to arrange advertising for any commercial product, including films. Uncleared advertisements will be removed. if you’re using dvxuser to promote something, you should also be contributing something to the dvxuser community. Personal video and film related items should be listed in the marketplace forum.

    Violating dvxuser policy -- the normal procedure will be: 1) warning by private message [pm], 2) temporary ban if the warning is ignored, 3) permanent ban for continuing problems. However, if you go out of your way to violate the rules, we can and will skip straight to #3.
    From Jarred

    Quote Originally Posted by Jarred Land View Post
    Well its not that new, but people dont seem to know it. So here goes.

    You are not allowed to have a commercial signature unless you are a supporter of the site, or a Moderator. You can contact me [edit: contact Jason Ramsey] about becoming a sponsor. Its not fair to our other advertisers, nor me who pays for this (free) website.

    The only company links you can have in your sig is your personal production website, or personal website, or a link for your DVXfest movie.

    Thanks everyone, and hope you understand.

    I've noted of late a large number of users doing the following:

    - non sponsors simply advertising commercial products with links to their website. THIS IS ADVERTISING.
    - people providing links to camera reviews and the reviews are on their own website THIS IS POACHING
    - people providing links to camera / gear reviews on their own website with affiliate links to purchase cameras / gear some with further traffic advertising - THIS IS POACHING

    Simply this is against forum guidelines. Sponsors keep our site running and pay or support us in other ways for the privilege of doing so. Moderators keep the site running and for their effort are rewarded by being able to do these things. This does not mean its open to all members.

    The rules are there. If you need clarification please ask - but generally speaking if you're linking to some product anywhere where you stand to gain even $1 then no. If you're linking to your website through dvxuser solely to gain traffic then no.

    This applies to all members. From time to time you may see a member advertising and the moderators aren't acting on it - please use the report button to inform us.
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    To clarify the "poaching" issue... As an example, if you are newly registered and half of your posts are little more than links to articles on your own site, it is not only poaching, but is also spamming...

    We are all for the free flow of information, but if you are just using us as a repository for links in an attempt to drive traffic to your own site without contributing anything back in return, you are likely to end up banned. Everything is a give and take.


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