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    Neutral vs Marvels vs Film Picture style test
    Which one do you prefer? Why?

    I would film on 70mm if i could.

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    I have always like Neutral. However, is this the final look or before grading?

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    Can you post screen grabs, or send me a copy of the picture style for evaluation? In China, I cannot access Vimeo or youtube. Thanks

    I have done some write ups about a few picture styles. So far neutral (0,-2,-2,0), and I have a few custom ones that I use for myself. Flaat has always seemed one of the better custom pic styles out there if you like Portrait colors (plus it is free!)

    A few of the paid ones have misleading marketing jargon. Marvel and Cinestyle we all have tried, and they either work for you or they don't, as they both seem pretty extreme. Marvel struggled with their colors early on, but their latest version seems good.

    Of the custom picture styles, I have never seen any of them get better highlights than the others (except for C-Log on the c-series cameras). The main difference is how much they brighten the shadow information, allowing the operator to underexpose a bit, without crushing the shadows. Of course this messes with gradation, depending on how much the designer digs into the shadows.

    Because despite picture styles working with sensor data before the codec gets to it, the picture styles are limited to how much data they are allowed to reach. So, no matter the tweaking, the highlight info is all pretty close. Yeah, some may be darker than others, but they still clip in approximately the same place.

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