Every year I help decorate the Torrance Rose Float. Last year I shot a timelapse of the decorating and it was so popular with the other people who decorate they asked me to do another one.

When shooting indoors, it's easy to set the shutter speed to 1/2 a second, which gives the best flow of motion when shooting 1 FPS. Outdoors, I was out of luck and had to use a higher shutter speed; you can see how jerky it looks.

Another trick is that the video is shot at 1920x1080/24p and edited into a 1280x720 timeline. The clip had to be reduced to 66.67% to get the full frame, but I could use 100% and crop the image. FCE allows me to zoom in/out, rotate, and pan across the frame. Except for the hand held shots, the camera was locked down and didn't move; the zooms, rotations, and pans were done in post. In a few shots, I did push the zoom to 120% of the image. This resulted in a slight loss of sharpness, but because it was at the beginning or end of a clip, it's hard to spot.

By the way, I did shoot lots of stills of the place where 9 of the floats were being decorated.


For those who want to see what the place is like on day 3 of decorating, I did a short (14 minute) unedited clip:

Happy New Year to all!!!!

Bob Diaz