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    What is the difference in all the Vixia Series Cameras?
    So I am looking for a camera that is dummy proof to help the law firm out. They just need to be able to grab something, turn it on, and shoot. They will then bring it back to the office and hand it off to me. They will want to immediately see what they shot- is this possible with AVCHD or will I always have to transcode before I am able to show them the contents of the card?

    More importantly- what are all the initials in the Vixia line up mean? There is an "R" and an "s" and "m" and so on...
    If someone can show me a link that shows the differences that would be so greatly appreciated

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    Some of the Panasonic Blu-Ray players have a SD memory card slot and will play HD videos directly from the SD card.

    I don't know if this applies to videos shot with all brands of HD camcorders or just the Pansonic HD camcorders.

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