Hi I am Darren Jones from the UK.
I have been working in the music business for 8 years.
I am well known in hard dance for Hard Trance and Hardstyle productions which have been featured in DJ magazines, Radio 1, Galaxy FM and even in the Radio 1 Dance charts.

Film Soundtracks have been a passion for mine since i first heard and saw Star Wars as a youngster.
Now i have reached 30, i have discovered my composer side.
I have successfully completed a Open University course called Technology Of Music (TA212) in which i got a grade 2 pass.

I have already made a some pieces of music that could be used for synchronization with picture, but i have also made a trailer for a mates film, tv advert Shell which was a showreel piece.
My website http://www.wix.com/darrenjonesmusic/home has the demos as well as the music.

darrenjonesproductions@hotmail.co.uk is my email address if any companies want a composer who works full time in music.