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    Fiction Fest 2011 UPLOADS - NOW OPEN
    The time has come, another fest deadline is nearly upon us and we are happy to announce the opening of the upload phase for Fiction Fest 2011.

    Please be sure to read through the rules again to be sure you haven't missed anything, and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

    Deadline for entries is Thursday, March 10, 2011 at 4pm Pacific Daylight Time (GMT - 7)

    Some quick technical reminders:

    • Films must be submitted in h.264 format, as usual.
    • Movie file not to exceed 100MB
    • Film must include one of the approved DVXFest Leaders
    • Film not to exceed 6 minutes, plus the leader
    • Be sure to include the timecode where we can see your required element
    • Be sure to include your poster as one of the upload files
    • Either include your BTS video as one of the upload files, or provide a link to where you are hosting it.

    Follow the link below to begin your upload:

    You can download the approved leaders from the following location:

    Approved DVX Fest Leaders

    In the event you need to re-submit your film follow these steps:
    • Go to the above upload link (
    • Fill out all the relevant information on the upload form, using the same values as you did the first time. This will help the system identify the original film and successfully replace it.
    • Notify myself, Jason Ramsey or Zak Forsman via PM and let us know you submitted a revised film so we can confirm it was received and that it successfully replaced the original.

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    Guys, I submitted my entry just now but there was no spot to point to where my BTS is. My BTS is posted from Vimeo onto the top post in my thread
    Formerly user 'shawneous'.

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    I tried to add my bts to the upload list but there was a 110mb total limit for the upload, so I put the link to the youtube page at the bottom of the synopsis area. Since I see Shawn posted his here, I'll do the same also.

    Face of Fear Behind the Scenes:

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    yeah. i've been hunting down the bts videos as I watch each film. I put a request in the submission status thread for folks to pm me a link to their bts video when you upload your films.

    Thanks for the links. About to start on the films again shortly.

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    Uploading. Seems to be taking a long time though.

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    Jason, here's my BTS.

    Thanks again.

    MONSTERFEST : 4th Place - Sustained Excellence Award - WESTFEST: 3rd Place - THRILLFEST: 3rd Place

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