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    Smarties Spec Commercial
    First legit project with the T2i, or any DSLR for that matter.

    Tell me what you think!

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    Loved the editing. Loved the music. Acting was solid.
    You need a huge dose of art direction hair & make-up.

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    Nice. One thought: having your actress watching in the frame makes the shot where he's tasting his lip a bit pensive. I'd like to see him stop for a minute on his own, just for a brief second - then maybe a cut. Just an idea.

    Colour timing would help get rid of some of the yellow in the walls in the early shots, as would a soft light source. Maybe pick up a kino for the next one?

    Really liked it though, especially the way you took advantage of your thin DoF for the rack focus to the smarty box.

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