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    Screenwriting Competition - Win 100 and have your script made professionally!
    Hello DVX USER Community!

    I'm sure there are hundreds of budding screenwriters in this forum and Eye Film and TV have a great opportunity for you. We are running a 100 cash prize plus the chance to have your script made by us to write the first episode of series two of our brand new online drama Tempting Fates. We're looking for a talented young individual to write a two page treatment of an idea for the show and as long as you include the same themes of fate and destiny the rest can be entirely your creation! Head over to to find out more and watch the first episode of the series here

    We also want your feedback on the show so we can improve and stay completely up to date with what the viewers want so subscribe and comment please!

    Best of luck and we look forward to hearing from you all!
    Tempting Fates Team

    Facebook us: Tempting Fates Official
    Twitter us: @TemptingFates

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    Really interesting competition - thanks for the heads up. Going to check out the first series now!

    I recently wrote and directed a British web series titled 'LOL' - episodes at Recognise a few bits of your music from Audio Network

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